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Top 5 Financial Careers

financial careerWhen people think of finance they usually think of hot shot Wall Street bankers, but in reality the financial field offers a wide range of different career options other than just Wall Street bankers. The United States in a driver in providing financial capital and as a result there are many different jobs that are created in the field of finance, from Personal Stock Brokers to corporate financial Directors, the litany of financial jobs is pretty breathtaking. Listed below are some of the top 5 financial careers people go into.

  1. Finance Director

This is one of the finance opportunities that you can take. This work is primarily responsible to the overall monitoring of the finance system within an organization or company. This is also responsible have immediate solution in solving the minor and major issues about the organization. Typically, this job requires tactical vision and plans to provide legal and helpful financial advice as well as to maintain controls regarding the money aspect. There should be higher level of expertise and constant responsibility to be successful. There are companies that offer about $164,742 as salary fee for the job.

     2.    Banking

This finance job is one of the common careers in the finance industry. Banking positions range greatly from company to company but basically, these are the customer-facing positions in the bank include: accounting, tellers and administrators. There are also positions that people can grow into or be promoted into such as management personnel, personal bankers and loan officers. The good thing about banking jobs this is the wide large number of banks around the world that can offer lots of different banking positions.

  1.    Financial Analyst

This position plays a very important role in any company financial or investing departments as companies make investment decisions based on their advice. Generally, the work is on offices to analyze the growth of stocks and other existing investments. Financial analyst also work on analyzing their own companies number and look for ways to increase their bottom line. As a result Financial Analyst are paid over $70,000 a year according to USNews.

4.   Payroll Administrator

As companies expand and grow their business, the need for a payroll administrator only grows.

The payroll administrators area are responsible to maintain the records of the company’s employees, they prepare the payroll, create the reports on payroll and to analyze the benefits and complete all the required tax filings. This is a fulfilling job that ensures the companies employees are paid on time.

  1.     Auditor

This posting comes in two forms as either an internal or external auditor. The internal auditors are dedicated to work privately for a certain company and the primary responsibility is to ensure that the company’s transaction are recorded appropriately. External auditors are the professionals who are responsible on the auditing of the company. The result of audits is based on the laws or rules implemented by several organizations or even the government divisions.

There are lots of opportunities involved in the field of finance. Each one companies with its own set of challenges and rewards. Whatever career a person select they should know that their contributions have a large impact beyond just their daily work.


Medical Assistant Career and Financial Resources Guidance

Working professionally as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) opens up numerous doors of opportunities for you. But, one has to complete an accredited training program to become a professional medical assistant. During this training, the scholars are given detailed information and knowledge about basic nursing and clinical skills, collecting the specimen for tests, checking the vital signs of the patients, preparing the patients for the treatment and putting a rest to their anxiety before the surgery and so on.

Following the successful completion of the training, it is essential for all the medical aspirants to clear the Medical Assistant Exam to obtain certification offered by Certifying Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). This examination is managed and controlled by the National Board of Medical Examiners. Knowledge regarding physiology, medical abbreviations and nomenclatures, anatomy and so on is essential for Medical Assistant field.

It is suggested by the medical professionals to attempt for the practice tests, so that one gets an idea of actual medical assistant exam. Scholars are given options to give exams in three times a year, i.e., January, June and October. You have to register for these examinations several months in advance, though they are not free of cost, one has to pay a certain amount of fee for this medical assistant exam.

Firstly, aspirant has to submit an application for attempting the examination. Normally two months of time is taken for an application to be processed and receiving the permission to sit for the exam. They have to keep in mind that their educational training will be completed by the date they intend to take the examination.

While preparing for the medical assistant exam, there are certain points, which have to be remembered by all the scholars. These points are listed below:

  • All the study material provided has to be read thoroughly.
  • One needs to be up to date with all the current details about the topics covered in the course.
  • Go for the practice tests to test your knowledge about the medical field.

If you have attempted the practice tests, then it may positively help you in the final examinations. Though, these final tests are extremely challenging and tough, but if one possesses detailed knowledge of the subject matter, one can smoothly go with the flow. However, it takes about three months of time for receiving the results.

Job of a medical assistant assures you of gaining immense knowledge about the field and a decent salary package ranging from $19,798 to $39,292 annually. The salary however, solely depends on the number of years experience gained by an individual.

Jhon Thomas writes articles on different subjects of career. He works flanking a financial firm specialising in Loans, personal finance funding, sales and understands the significance of the role a financial advisor plays in getting youthful people on the precise career path.


Quit Your Last Job Because You Was Too Stressed?

So, you’re thinking of becoming a Relief Chef? You’re sick of working 80 hours a week and only salaried for 40, your brigade is understaffed and you no longer want the hassle and responsibility of paperwork, you’d rather cook, which is why you became a chef in the first place right?

How does it work? There are plenty of Relief Chef Agencies out there all looking for experienced Chefs. They require you to register with them before you can begin work, this will mostly consist of submitting a CV and providing some ID documents. You will also need to provide 2 recent references that should be available to contact straight away. Don’t try giving them a telephone number for a restaurant you worked at years ago which has now closed down! It doesn’t look good!

Why are Relief Chef Agencies useful? If you’ve quit your last job because you were too stressed, understaffed and underpaid, becoming a Relief Chef could be the perfect solution until you find your next permanent role. You choose how long your contracts last, and once your initial contract is ended you can choose to stay, move on to another relief assignment, or leave to start a permanent job. In many cases the Chef Agency will be able to help you find a permanent job whilst you’re temping. Temporary contracts can even lead to permanent jobs in some cases.

Where will you be working? Once you’re fully registered with the agency they will contact you with offers for work. Make it clear when you register whereabouts in the country you want to work and the types of establishments you want to work in. If you tell them you only want work in your local area, they won’t be calling and wasting your time by offering you work 100 miles away! However you will generally have the most relief work opportunities by being flexible about where you can work. Show them you’re keen and can jump in your car or on a train and travel anywhere!

What positions can you work in as a Relief Chef? So, you’ve quit your permanent job because you no longer wanted the pressure of running a brigade. Relief Chef Agencies have contracts at different levels from Chef de Partie to Head Chef, you can choose what level you want to work at and the amount of responsibility you take on.  This means you’re usually working in a similar establishment you were at in your permanent job but without all the added pressure! Sounds good?

How much money can a Relief Chef earn? The hourly rate varies from agency to agency but you’re looking at around £10 to £14 per hour depending on the level you’re working at. The busiest times for Relief Chef Agencies are during the summer months, usually from April to September. It a good idea to work as much as you can during this time as the industry is notoriously quite in the first few weeks of the year. This is when most Relief Chefs choose to take a well deserved holiday!

So why become a Relief Chef? From speaking to many Relief Chefs, the most rewarding things they find about the job is the freedom and the great life experiences you gain along the way. Becoming a Relief Chef can open doors and help you realise your ambition in life. You can work in all sorts of establishments and keep learning new skills along the way.


5 High Paying Careers That Don’t Require A Degree


Obtaining a high paying career today does not always require a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and can be found simply by knowing the type of position you are seeking out. Finding a high paying career that doesn’t require a degree can be done from home and even by making your own career path as a CEO.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are not required to attend college to fill this position. Working as an air traffic controller requires you to ensure all airplanes are landing on time while giving instructions to keep the airport running as smoothly as possible while planes are coming in to land. Air traffic controllers make an average annual salary of $108,040. To become an air traffic controller, taking a class or attending on-the-job training is often required to ensure you are familiar with the controls and the responsibilities you have working at a local airport.

Operations Manager

An operations manager is required to oversee production of products while reviewing sales reports and budgets on a regular basis. Working as a general or operations manager can earn you approximately $94,400 each year without requiring a degree of any kind. Oftentimes, the major qualification to become an operations or general manager requires anywhere from 1 to 5 years of previous experience in the industry you are interested in working for yourself. Understanding workplace policies, budget and future plans can help with filling the position of operations manager without a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Construction Managers

Construction managers have an average salary of $83,860 annually and do not require a degree but rather work experience to fill the position. Construction managers oversee employees, budgets and progress when completing any project and when working to build a new structure. Construction managers are also required to set timelines for contractors and employees while also preparing contracts for clients and those who are interested in utilizing the construction services themselves. On the job training is often provided for those who are actively seeking a construction management position. Becoming a construction manager often requires at least 5 years of work experienced to be considered qualified for the job.

Detective or Criminal Investigator

Working as a detective or a criminal investigator only requires a high school diploma and can earn you approximately $68,820 annually. Conducting criminal investigations locally or for the Federal or State police is required when working as a criminal investigator or detective. On-the-job training is often provided when you work as a detective on your own or with criminal investigations. It is recommended to have between 1 and 5 years of experience working with the law or government before attempting to obtain a position as a detective or investigator.


Working as a CEO, or chief executive officer, is possible by working your way up within a corporation or already-established business in addition to launching your own professional entity. A CEO’s salary can range from the low $100,000 each year to upwards of a million dollars depending on the company’s revenue and the expenses the business has annually. Chief executive officers are in charge of overseeing all operations, workplace environment and future goals of the company they are representing at all times.

Kelly Fisker is a business executive. She recently contributed to the guide to getting a one year online MBA.

The Best Summer Jobs For Teenagers

Summer jobs can be platforms to help launch careers. But when you’re in highschool, the stakes are much lower. Choosing a good summer job is really not that hard. It will basically be anything you can get. At this point in your life you should not be worrying about your career just yet. It’s good to keep it in mind, but the years of college will be when you really get to explore your passions and have a chance to start building the career you want. That will be a time to choose your summer jobs and internships very carefully.

Planning on College?

Now, if you are not planning on going to college, then the summer job you choose becomes much more significant. Summer jobs then take on the importance that internships hold for college students. They are a chance to explore your career and make connections in your future industry. The job you work at will be an opportunity to acquire necessary skills and an understanding of all the positions you could hope to hold in the future. It can also provide you with good references that will aid in your job search, and sources of information about your industry and job openings.

Searching for that ideal Job.

Job searching has never been easier. There are a number of job sites that have listings such as and Craig’s List. Federal government initiatives to help Americans find jobs have also created a number of local agencies that have job placement resources. Industries also often have industry specific job posting boards such as which lists job postings that come up in the publishing industry.

Higher Level Positions.

Many entry level positions are looking for a candidate with a bachelor’s degree and some work experience, which makes them poor options for high school students. A better option might be a summer program that is relevant to a field of interest. Serving as camp counsellors and assistants at such programs can often reduce the price of attendance, perhaps even down to zero. There is also a chance of earning money, though that is more likely if you’ve attended the program in past summers as they are unlikely to hire an unknown.

Seasonal Jobs

There are also a number of jobs that are specific to the season. Jobs such as life guarding, pool cleaning, various yard work and outdoor labor and a number of construction projects that home owners usually put off until spring or summer. Finding those jobs are often about going to the job site and asking about them. Check out the local pool to discover what their hiring policy is, or enquirer with neighbors to find out if they have any yard work or home improvement projects planned.

Keep in Mind

Remember that the search for a summer job should be fun and productive. For most, a summer job in high school is only meant to provide a little extra spending money. Summer jobs can help prepare you for a career you want later in life, but there is also plenty of time to figure that out.

Kev is a recruitment consultant from Sussex, UK and runs a popular Cabin Crew jobs board in the UK